Swift Publisher 5 App Reviews

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Teacher School Awesome!

So thankful I took a chance on this app!! I’m a former PC Printshop user who recently bought a Mac and was finding it challenging to locate a publisher type program compatible with my new Apple software. Wow, this program was a breeze to nagivate and I’ve already designed my first project for my Kindergarten class!

What a pile of …. Poo

Was worried about the software, since most support is old.So i did half a morning doing research. Videos look good reminding me of Pagemaker. First thing out of the "box", it crashed within a minute. Second thing, it will not link an image to a web page. Third thing, even the very old text linking system does not work - I can not link to my site. Fourth thing, supplot is slow if non-existant. Fifth thing, the only support you willl get are 5 or 6 very general short videos. Sixth thing, I doubt they used their own software to make their own manual, since it uses anchor linking. What a shameful wast of $20 and I really wanted this to work ….

Great Features, Easy To Use

Swift Publisher is a terrific program for layout. The tools are intuitive, and once you get used to how they work, you can go fast—I laid out a 50-page kid’s book in less than a day. (There will be changes, but I got the basics nailed.) The help program is better than most I have used.

Too much troubles with using

The app is nice, the idea is great! But! A huge number of the problems in app work!!!! More than half a year I have expected from developers of correction of the current bugs, but nothing chanched... Everything stays the same. The application is very very slow, and I have a top iMac. After the application is deployed to the full screen, when resized, most of the features of the application disappear. Very often crashes without saving. Hangs, freezing... and much more… For today, this app is not worth $20. Dear developers, take action and fix the application. At least it should not freezing, and after adding 5 layers on the picture, it is impossible to work!!! Приложение приятное, задумка отличная! Но! Проблем в работе немерено!!!! Более полугода ждал от разработчиков исправления текущих багов, но нет.. Все остается прежним. Приложение очень очень сильно тормозит, а у меня топовый iMac. После развертывания приложения на полный экран, при изменении размера, пропадает большинство функций приложения. Очень часто вылетает, без сохранения. Зависает… И многое многое другое… На сегодняшний день эта программа не стоит $20. Уважаемые разработчики, примите меры и исправьте приложение. Как минимум оно не должно тормозить, а после добавления 5 слоя на картинку, работать невозможно!!!

A great page layout program

You know, for the price, you just plain can’t beat it along with the features it has. I have not had any issues with this program and have been using it since version 3. Probably has almost the same capability as Adobe’s PageMaker. Easy to use, to boot.

Suprisingly good desktop publishing app

I rarely write reviews for apps; I am impressed with Swift Publisher. I was looking for a desktop publishing package to more easily design smaller projects. I have used QuarkXpress, InDesign, and other mainline publishing packages in the past and must say that the tools and coverage offered by Swift Publisher are well worth the price. Tools are familiar. Single and spread page layouts support standard design workflow. I have had no issues producing professional-quality material while also never feeling held back by the software. As others have said, this app is a bargain.

Works Great !!!

I am not a sophisticated user, but I don’t have to be. Laying out a page is very simple and the end result is great. I have nothing but good things to say about Swift Publisher.

great app

i love that application but lately when i try to export document it crashes! fix it please! overall it is a great app! the issue was i was exporting pdf with 600dbi - that coused the crashing, when i lowered dbi - it woeked like a charm! best app to design marketing materials, i have been using it for over 2 years now

Great Desktop App!

I use this app for church programs. It is very helpful and thorough. I truly thank the developers for creating this App.I just wish everytime an update comes out I have to repurchase the 4000 clipart attachments. I have done this several times and I just didn’t do it for Swift Publisher 5. I think a total of $30 dallors is enough plus $20 dallors for the App upgrade! I would have given 5 stars but the upgrade should not take away your extra images!

Much Easier that MS Publisher

I’ve never had much experience with desktop publishers, but I understand that they’re supposed to be easier and better than a word processor when page formatting is a top priority. Our church office PC has MS Publisher, and I’ve been able to fumble my way through it (you really need to take a class for it, it’s got so many functions). Well, I had to get a funeral bulletin ready in a short amount of time, so I tried Swift Publisher. So intuitive (it behaves just like an Apple-produced app) and straightforward! And the automatic booklet print function really takes the stress our of making sure you have your pages in the right order. This has really helped me be more productive with church publications. It would be nice if Swift documents could be imported into MS Publisher and vice-versa, but I understand such compatibility isn’t always possible. But thanks for such a powerful and easy-to-use desktop publisher that even novices can master in no time. Well done!

Best I’ve found for Mac

There are not many worthwhile and user-friendly desktop publishing apps for Macs. This one is the best I’ve found. Some things are not as intuitive as I would like and take a few more steps than would be helpful, but it does everything I want, is simple and reliable to use so it is my “go to” app for desktop publishing on my Mac.


I was excited to buy this product after I read some reviews, but I regret I did. The controls are not friendly and the editing tools very limited. To add an image is not an easy task as well, especially when you try to adjust or crop it to fit inside the designated area. This app needs a lot of improvement to be acceptable.

Saved by Swift Publisher

Great product! I'm a longtime MS Publisher user, and when I switched to Mac, I was lost. Swift Publisher saved me!

Gallery templates have disappeared

I just bought this on the 4 of October 2017, geez it really sad because I was really enjoying the program but when I got on it last night all the templates I can use diappeared last night. Is anyone else having this problem. I downloaded it from my MacBook Pro Apple Store. I really like everything about this program but now I cant use it. Unless something changes pretty quick I will just trash it and calll it a $20.00 loss.

Great Combo of Features + Ease of Use

Very glad I bought Swift Publisher; it is well worth the price. This app makes it incredibly easy to create marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, etc. I pulled together a tri-fold brochure in no time, completely from scratch. The hard part is writing the content (a blank page is a scary thing), but the examples provided in Swift Publisher’s template gallery make even that task less daunting. I picked out a template, then used the pre-defined text areas to fill in the content. The text areas are small, requiring only a few sentences (but there are options for longer items, too). Coming up with a few brief, to-the-point phrases is a lot easier for me than writing long paragraphs. The image tools are decent, though not enough to completely rework one of your photos. If you need serious cropping/cleaning or other mods to your images you may still want to pre-tweak them using something else. This is great software that can probably do just about anything you need for printed marketing products. Definitely recommend; a real bargain.

Suddenly Buggy

Swift Publisher has been a staple for my work for many years now, and I’ve used it without problem. However, since its 5th iteration it’s just gotten buggy particularly where fonts and line-alignment are concerned. I hoped that the most recent update in anticipation of macOS 10.3 would resolve the issues, but it’s just gotten worse: now, the apple no longer launches and just “shut(s) down unexpectedly.” I know its not the hardware because I’m on an iMac from 2015 and a MacBook Pro from 2016, both of which had been running the app fine - albeit with the resulting bugginess from the transition to Swift Pub. 5. It’s really a shame, because it is a delightfully easy program to use and navigate, and now - with menus and logos to construct - I’m scrambling to find an alternative. I hope the developers can stabilize the app and return it to its former ease and glory.

where’s the envelopes

Plenty of doodadsbut I Had to go Back to Pages To fill out an envelop PLENTY OF PAGES ENVELOPES TO GET an address within text field the paper templet you gave me wasent to spec when I tried to print it out it was shrunk down to 3” five card size Apple needs to change its contacts address fields so that they can be selected and copied out of the address fields.that is for the standard #10 envelope a41/8by 91/2’the rest of the app is great. Im printing on an Epson work force 3640 or wf-3640 it can print legal and us letter size and #10 letter size as well color and bk/wht To address the speed isue on my Mac book pro 13” with a 8gb upgrade to the 2gb ram to a full 10gb of ram and a 1 Teribite of harddrive space gives me a swift publishing 5.04speed thats incredible.

A Gem Amoung Desktop Publishing Apps!!!

I’ve been using Swift Publisher for a few years now, and have never been disappointed. This is by far the most used app I have across all areas of my life; making marketing materials for work such as newsletters, brochures, or post cards. For personal use, it’s super easy to create backgrounds or headers for any/all social media apps, birthday cards, labels, making & addressing holiday cards, “first day of school” chalkboard signs, and more! Why this app is better than others? It’s super easy to learn and use! I’ve purchased several desktop publishers that seem to be similar upon viewing on the app store, but they end up being difficult to learn or navigate, not at all intuitive, and I’ve never found even one app that can do all that Swift can do. Best of all, the dedicated developers respond quickly!

Great App!

This is one of the best apps period. I use it to write a monthly newsletter once a month. This makes things look good and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Don Crosswhite

This is one of the most useful tools that I have at my disposal for all kinds of projects!

Dedktop Publishing Made Easy

Super app. Does what it says and then some. Developer actually responds to questions and comments! If you do a lot of projects invest in the Clipart Bundle. While not strictly needed, it opens up a lot of creative options.

Slick Customer Support

I’m only grazing the periphery of this app, so as the review title goes, I’ll probably get back and edit this in order to contribute 2 cents as to how I awesome this app is. At the moment, let me just say that Irene S of BeLightSoftware… You. Are. Awesome! Thanks for going all out to help me with my in-app purchase issue. Your response time of less than 1 hour of 45 minutes is “impressive” in my Apple App experience. Kudos to you and your team!

Please Fix

Since paying to update to version 5, the software has been noticeably slower and more taxing on my fully loaded MacBook Pro 15” (late 2013). My system is running quite noticeably hotter now as well. The previous software was smooth and fluid. This build jitters when you try to change the size of a text box or shape and the cursor flickers distractingly when placed on expansion markers. Zooming in and out used to be fluid and exact using pinch to zoom. Now it is so unpredictable, that it causes the spinning rainbow wheel leaving me to have to use the +/- magnifying glasses for single increase or decrease inputs just to keep the document zoom function under control. I am very disappointed, as this update seems to be a purely cosmetic money grab. I have not seen any new capabilities worth the upgrade price, let alone the extreme downgrade in usability of the glitchy software I am experiencing now. I loved the previous version 4, but the new version 5 is a big let down so far.

I do so mcuh with this software!

I’m an author and do a lot of promotion along side my publisher. I make memes with the software. I’ve made my own bookmarks using it, which saved me more than the software cost. I’ve made props for the Community Theatre I’m involved with. It’s easy to use and really fun to create things. For business, it’s enables you to do brochures and business cards, etc. I absolutely love it.


My prgram just crashed!!! I am devastated!!! I have spent HOURS and HOURS working on a newsletter to meet a deadline but it just crashed. It now has a strange freeze frame with only few pages showing. I cannot access anything. I have restarted the program. Please HELP ASAP!! I emailed technical support and hope to hear back ASAP. Unfortunately, there is no toll free number. Had I known I had to contact Ukraine for a direct call, I would have thought twice about purchasing this app. I would LOVE to change the rating. Hopefully, I can salvage what I had and finish my project.

Good application

I used it since version 3, 4, now 5. I trashed so many apps I bought for simple publications. I must I admit that Swift Publisher is GOOD.

Art Text 3 Link???

Love this app… Love Art Text 3. Any way these two will be linked, like the two prevoius versions??? Would make my job a LOT easier.

This app just keeps getting better

Not many apps get a lot better on updates but this pne does. Right from opening the app up you can already see that it has been improved. A lot cleaner interface. Many new and improved features also. Great Job!!

Excelente actualización / Excellent new version

Instalé esta nueva versión en una MacBook Pro. Tuve problemas en su manejo al principio, por mi falta de pericia en esta actualización; pero con la ayuda (rápida) del soporte técnico virtual, me explicaron con paciencia lo que yo estaba haciendo mal. Seguí sus iinstrucciones y ahora ya entregué un diptico, en mi trabajo, con una calidad excelente y de manera rápida. Recomiendo esta nueva versión, es muy amigable y poderosa. I installed this new update in a MacBook Pro. At first, I had problems handling it, because of my lack of expirience in this new version. I asked Technical support for help and they attended me very quickly. They patiently explained me what I was doing wrong. I followed their instructions and quickly I finished a diptic, in my work, with excellent quality. I recommend this new version, it really is very friendly and powerful.

Would be great if it actually worked

I was really excited for this and worked for a long time on my first thing, and made a lot of progress. I am not a designer but I felt this was intuitive to use, and kind of nerdy fun. Now, apparently, all my work is lost since the whole thing will no longer open and I have to start over with another program / app. I am really mad and want my $$$ back as well as all the time I spent! Heartbreaking.

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